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Maybe a private mortgage is for you!
Private mortgages are funded by individuals or groups who want to make a better return on their investment than a GIC at their bank (8-12% range, interest only). They are comfortable with investments that are secured by real estate and they will look past bad credit, bankruptcy, and environmental or zoning issues. Basically, they invest in people and property, not reports and numbers.

Some private mortgage investors only invest in residential housing, while some will look at commercial plazas. They each have their own appetite and lending comfort zone. Private mortgage investors will even look at farm mortgages, mobile home mortgages, and also at bare land. Every investor is different and that’s why you need a MORTGAGE AGENT. One thing is for sure; they will listen to your story and make a decision based on all of the information. Canadian private mortgage investors look at things like bank statements, recent appraisals, and employment letters, whatever you can provide to show them why you and your property are a good investment.

Some Reasons Your Bank May Not Provide a Mortgage

  • Type of Zoning
    Mixed use is a combination of commercial and residential units.
  • Bruised Credit
    Where there are outstanding collections, late payments or bankruptcies.
  • Multiple Properties
    Where someone owns more than 1 property.
  • Non-Traditional Income
    Not all of the income a person receives is disclosed.
  • New to Canada
    Where a person does not have established credit.
  • Unique Properties
    Properties that the banks do not typically lend on because of the type of business.
  • Property Location
    When a property is located outside of lending parameters.



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