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Private Mortgage Lending as an Investment vehicle is a very popular option among investors who are seeking a unique alternate solution for their funds as compared to traditional investment options such as high-interest savings, Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GICs), mutual funds, equities, stocks, bonds, RSP’s and so forth. These traditional options are either highly volatile or provide a lower rate of return. Eagle Leaf is here to provide private lending investment options for our clients.

Mortgage Investment Opportunities in Canada tend to be stable, with a higher rate of return as compared to traditional investment options. Most investors do not have the expertise required to participate in these investment opportunities on their own or do not have the time to locate and manage these opportunities. Investing with Eagle Leaf provides our investors with an opportunity to participate in the Canadian Mortgage Market with the confidence that their funds are being invested and managed by a team of experienced professionals. Eagle Leaf is dedicated to maximizing the investors return and minimizing the investors’ risk.



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