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Why Choose Eagle Leaf?

Eagle Leaf was founded with base principles of providing secure and safer mortgage investment opportunities to our investors while ensuring that we maintain a low-medium risk portfolio.  Through our years of experience in the mortgage and real estate markets, our partner team of experts aim to provide our investors with a consistent rate of return on their investments.

Eagle Leaf performs an in-depth analysis of every loan prior to funding to ensure the overall risk to the investors is minimized.  We also have a separate fund for high-risk loans for seasoned investors who wish to participate in a more aggressive investment opportunity to maximize their return.  All Eagle Leaf loans are secured by real estate located in Ontario and are originated by licensed Mortgages Agents and/or Brokers.

Eagle Leaf has professional relationships established with well-qualified appraisers, inspectors, real estate brokerages, mortgage brokerages and lawyers that allows them to ensure every aspect of their mortgage adjudication processes is secure and vetted.

More Information & Investing with Eagle Leaf:

  • Earn a steady income
  • Secure mortgage-based investment opportunities
  • Less Volatility in the overall market
  • Professional and experience service and reporting